Sudo 專場分享會_Slush 策展人 Martin Talvari

Sudo 好朋友限定!

Martin Talvari

Chief Strategy Officer at Slush

Primary role on world events 

Slush takes place in the center of Europe and Asia, in Helsinki. It has grown to become one of the leading events of its kind in the world, but the philosophy behind it has always remained the same: to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward.

In 2014, Slush brought together over 14.000 attendees and more than 3500 companies for the two-day event. More than 750 investors came to Helsinki to meet startups in nearly 3.800 pre-booked meetings. Next Slush will take place in Helsinki on November 11-12th, 2015.

Slush is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students and music festival organizers.

Sudo 辦公室 / 台北市信義區基隆路 432 號 2 樓之 2

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
Sudo 好朋友獨享 2015/10/19 00:00(+0800) ~ 2015/10/21 04:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
校園講座獨享 2015/10/19 00:00(+0800) ~ 2015/10/21 12:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
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